Data validation and verification for your business, with AI support out of the box.

Enhance the reliability of user input in a wide range of applications, including form submissions, chat interactions, and qualified leads.

Our advanced system leverages pattern matching and machine learning techniques to analyze and validate user data, ensuring its authenticity. With RoboQL Firewall, you can fortify your data against potential fraud or false information. Discover a streamlined process, foster customer trust, and make informed decisions based on reliable data, thanks to our exceptional data validation and verification capabilities.


Data and form capture

RoboQL allows you to capture data from any source, including forms, chatbots, and more. You can also use our API to capture data from your own applications.

Custom data validation

RoboQL allows you to create custom validation rules for your data. You can use our built-in rules or create your own. Validate data at the field level with regular expressions, exact matching, fuzzy matching, or analyze values using the ChatGPT integration.

Data firewall

RoboQL Firewall allows you to protect your data from bots, fraud, and false information. You can configure RoboQL Firewall to block or allow requests based on a variety of criteria, including:

  • IP addresses
  • Header values
  • Field values in your data

You can also rate limit requests to your collections based on the above criteria.


RoboQL integrates with your existing tools and workflows. We support a wide range of integrations, including Marketo, Salesforce, and ChatGPT.


You can configure webhooks on your data, allowing you to integrate with any tool that accepts them. By configuring webhooks on your data, you can set up notifications or trigger events to be sent to other tools or systems whenever certain actions or conditions occur. These webhooks can contain data payloads that are sent to the specified tools, enabling seamless integration and interoperability.

Teams & access control

RoboQL supports teams and access control, allowing you to share your data with your team members and control who can access it. With team support, you can collaborate with colleagues, project partners, or other stakeholders by granting them appropriate access privileges to RoboQL.

How it works

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